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The 2015 UPUA Elections Commission is pleased to present the information contained herein to all eligible students at Penn State.

Candidates:  Across the above pages, you will find a plethora of information to assist your registration and campaign.  Be sure to take note of the Important Dates, as well as the full Elections Code during the next few weeks.

Voters:  Visit the links below to meet the candidates, read their platforms, and decide who you will select to represent your voice in the 10th Assembly of the UPUA.

All questions and comments can be forwarded to an appropriate member of the 2015 Elections Commission at the email addresses listed on the “Contacts” page.

Good luck!

Note to the Candidates:  Updated biographies, platforms, and photos submitted to the Angel Group may take up to 24 hours to process.


Executive Tickets

Ryan Belz and Zach Longstreth

Hamsa Fayed and Dylan Sundy*

Emily McDonald and Terry Ford

Shannon Rafferty and Gokul Sundar


At-Large Representatives (20 seats)

Divy Agnihotri

Abigail Baker

Shawn Bengali

Steffen Blanco

Aya Bseiso

Matthew Cummings

Hamsa Fayed*

Darian Gist

Matt Ikenberry

Katie Jordan

Asad Karamally

Lianne Luu

Anthony Mitchell

Brook Novotnak

Fatimah Nuri AlAli

John Ott

Erensu Ozsoy

Steven Parr

Brent Rice

Kyra Rogan

Brad Stuby

Dylan Sundy*

Adam Terragnoli

Ryan Valencia

Edka Wong


Academic Representatives (1 seat per college)

College of Agricultural Sciences

Bradley Garrett

College of Arts and Architecture

Andrew Ahr

Smeal College of Business

Madelin Fortin

College of Communications

No Candidates

Division of Undergraduate Studies

Viki Park

College of Education

Emily Miller

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Christina Ricketts

College of Engineering

Grant Worley

College of Health and Human Development

No Candidates

College of Information Science and Technology

No Candidates

College of Liberal Arts

Michael Straw

Alexandra Leventis

College of Nursing

No Candidates

Schreyer Honors College

No Candidates

Eberly College of Science

Samantha Geisinger


* Candidate is cross-listed