Official Alphabetized Ballot of the 2014 UPUA Elections. Note the order of the names will be randomized when voting on April 2nd.

Executive Ticket (President & Vice President)

Meeten Doshi & Kate Taylor

Anand Ganjam & Emily McDonald

Melissa McCleery** & Tim Rinehart**

At Large (20 Seats)*

Divy Agnihotri

Majed Alheraiqi

Nicholas Azinge III

Steffen Blanco

Aaron Budd

Alex Calderaro

Malik Cooper

Terry Ford

Jon Garfield

Denis Harp

Nicole Keller

Anjali Krishnan

John Lombardo

Zach Longstreth

Yanni Mai

Bradley Marks

Melissa McCleery**

Meghan O’Brien

Steven Parr

Stephen Payne

Shannon Rafferty

Ted Ritsick

Nick Rockwell

Eyad Saifaddin

Greg Schlosser

Ebony Turner 

Garrett Warmbein

John Wortman


Agricultural Science (1 seat)

Arts and Architecture (1 seat)

Communications (1 seat)

Ryan Belz

Chris Bizzell

Division of Undergraduate Studies (1 seat)

Bennett Samuel

Earth and Mineral Sciences (1 seat)

Eberly-Science (1 seat)

Tim Rinehart**

Education (1 seat)

Emily Miller

Engineering (1 seat)

Mohamed Alzarooni (Withdrawn)

Hadi Al Lawati

Aakash Sondhi

Health & Human Development (1 seat)

Danny Murphy

Information Sciences & Technology (1 seat)

Liberal Arts (1 seat)

Victoria Woods

Nursing (1 seat)

Brigid Colligan

Schreyer Honors (1 seat)

Mike Mancini

Anthony Mitchell

Smeal-Business (1 seat)

Noel Purcell

Manisha Yarlagadda

*Students may only vote for up to 10 At-Large Tickets

**Denotes candidate is running in an executive & representative ticket

UPAC Representative (7 seats)

Ryan Belz